Sunday, March 14, 2010

Getting Started--Welcome!

When I first got this idea, a blog about being a nanny, I hadn't done any research. I knew there probably had to be several of such blogs, even ones specific to New York City. (there are) However, I also knew that being a unique and creative individual, I was bound to come up with things special to my nanny blog. And that's another thing--- People in my profession seem to be on the fence about what they like to be called: Nanny, Care-giver, Friend, Babysitter, etc. I'm deciding for the remainder of this entire blog I am comfortable with the title "nanny" and will hence refer to myself and others as such.
Not being a veteran, I knew I couldn't offer a lot of experience advice. (I definitely call my mom all the time for advice) I'm a young woman who loves children. I'm also a young woman who loves to play and create and laugh--much like the two girls I care for. I suppose it's not a rarity to come across other such young people who are nannies, yet, when I find nannies who are in my age bracket, they seem to either not care as much as I do, or feel as if their resources are lacking. It's a lot of responsibility to care for other people's children. It's also a lot of responsibility to find fun, engaging activities and outings that are safe and relatively easy to execute.
Knowing all of this, with the limited background I have, I came up with my own niche. Not advice, but "tips" and not solutions, but "ideas" as to how to improve and accentuate your nanny experience, as I discover my own.
So, welcome! Stay tuned and best of luck becoming the nanny of your client's dreams.

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  1. Nanny is good. I prefer that to the rather foreign sounding 'Au Pair', and implies so much more than simply 'Baby Sitter'. It will be interesting to see how you balance being too friendly with becoming too professional. Poppins is indeed a good role model.