Monday, March 15, 2010

Finding a Partner in Crime

I had been getting along pretty well on my own...casually meeting new friends at the park and interacting with people in our classes. But I wasn't really connecting with any parent/nanny or child. And neither was S.

Since C is at school most of the day, I am mainly taking care of S. I thought it was important for us to find another grown-up/child team that we could frequently meet up with. Just as I was getting to the end of my rope, my boss approached me with a "blind date". A family down the hall in their building recently acquired a new nanny also. She, apparently, was about my age, and one of the two children she was taking care of was about S's age. My boss told me that my blind date was having a bit of trouble finding nannies she could connect with---or enjoyed going on outings with. So, we met.
I was a bit nervous at first. But now, I am so thankful we have each other!
Finding someone in the same boat as you is always helpful. If you simply can't meet anybody you like enough to ask over for a playdate, confide in your boss. He/She may have some people in mind, or other ways for you to meet different families in the vicinity.
Knowing we are right down the hall, we are in constant contact with each other. We update on lunches, nap times, and what our respective plans are on a daily basis. We've established at least one day a week where we take the kids on a special adventure. These days are a life savor! The kids love going to new places, and the grown-ups like to socialize and share ideas.

For help on finding places to go, check your local papers. Now that the warmer weather is coming, there are lots of parks with special events. Most of which, are free!

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